30 Years of Nut Roasting.

Royal Nuts has flourished thanks to the loyalty of our retail partners and all of our customers who have appreciated our passion for dry roasting for over 30 years and counting – evident in our unique process that applies direct flame and hot air, never oil, to roast our nuts to crispy perfection.


Royal Nuts are exclusively dry-roasted in small batches through prolonged exposure to heated air, not oil. Our unique process enhances their flavor, scent and crunch without adding calories or reaching temperatures that hinder the healthy nutrients nuts naturally boast. Unlike oil-roasted nuts, Royal Nuts are perfect for cooking and baking.

Gluten Free.

Nuts are naturally gluten free; it’s in their processing that they may come into contact with gluten. At Royal Nuts, we guarantee that none of our dry-roasting or processing machinery is contaminated with gluten so you can safely enjoy all of our nuts and dried fruit. Our products are also preservative free and certified Kosher.

Peanut Free.

At Royal Nuts, all of our products are produced and packed in our ‘peanut-free’ facility. Since peanuts are distinct from tree nuts, our product line can be safely consumed by anyone suffering from a peanut allergy alone. This also means that our mixed nuts are just that, without peanuts added as filler.

Indubitable Quality.

One taste is all it takes right down to the plump Sultana and Golden raisins that are mixed in with our crispy Dry Roasted nuts (try our Cranberry Mixed Nuts and Goji Berry Mixed Nuts).

Fresh as Bread.

Our products are roasted every day, and our team of Royal Nuts Freshness Guards delivers them to stores at the peak of their freshness. Frequent deliveries ensure that your favorite Royal Nuts are available for your special holiday get-together or whenever you wish to enjoy a healthy, protein rich snack.

King-Size Matters.

From almonds to cashews, Royal Nuts products always contain the largest-sized nuts from the highest-grade crops, year-round. Dry-roasted and hand-packed in our own facility, Royal Nuts consistently offer a very attractive-looking product that is fit to be served to your family, or proudly offered to guests in your finest party bowl.

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