The Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

These delectable little snacks are actually the most eaten nut in both Europe and America according to The Telegraph. Cashews are really delicious and definitely one of our favourite nuts here at Royal Nuts because of their versatility. Dry roasted cashews with a little sea salt can be a great little snack on the go or a delicious companion while relaxing watching your favourite evening tv show. Spice cashews up a little with some Cajun inspired spices and they can add a great kick to your afternoon snack break. And who doesn’t love a delicious Asian inspired cashew nut chicken? It’s no wonder people go nuts for cashews!

Are cashew nuts good for you?

These delightful nuts are actually packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In these tiny little nuggets of nutty gold there are vitamins E, K, and B6, along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, and selenium, all of which are important for maintaining good bodily function. They are full of plant protein, contain no cholesterol and are low in saturated fats too! Experts say eating dry roasted cashew nuts are great for your diet.

Cashews Sea Salted

Cashews Sea Salted

Cashews Are Great For Your Heart

Research shows eating more cashews can help lower your risk of heart disease. Nuts naturally contain healthy amounts of fats and proteins that are good for your heart. They also have arginine, which helps protect the inner lining of your heart’s artery walls. They are also good for your blood health. The copper and iron in cashews help our bodies’ red blood cells.

Cashews Are Great for Your Eyes

Did you know that it is said that cashews are also great for your eyes? They actually are made up of high levels of lutein and zaexanthin that can act as antioxidants. These incredible compounds can help with protecting our eyes from light damage and decreases chances of someone developing cataracts.

Cashews Help Fight Cancer

You’ll love this one! According to some Harvard research on nuts just two servings of cashew nuts a day can help keep heart disease, diabetes and cancer away! Cashews are also said to help with managing weight gain as well.

Are cashews nuts or legumes?cashew-nuts-and-cashew-fruit

Cashew nuts are actually the seeds found at the bottom of the cashew apple. So, botanically speaking, cashew nuts are actually seeds! The fruit the cashew nut is attached to is actually quite delicious and those who eat the cashew fruit apple say it tastes kind of like a peach.

Do cashews have a shell?

Cashews do come in a shell. Once they are roasted in the shell, the shell can be cracked and the cashew nut can be extracted. They are actually encased as well in a liquid that is incredibly corrosive, which is why cashew nuts should not be eaten raw. The shell of the cashew seed is often used in applications such as brake fluids, lubricants and even paints.

So we admit we are a bit prejudice and really love our nuts, but even so, cashews do seem to be quite the little superfood. Cashews are not only great for your health they are also delicious! Wouldn’t you agree?

If you are looking for a delicious cashew recipe check out our Spicy Cajun Nuts recipe made exclusively by our team here at Royal Nuts. Enjoy!

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